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Samoan Football Federation Talent ID Program

The Football Federation of Samoa is on a mission to identify potential talent from all over the world! Our talent ID scouts are comprised of a vast network of football professionals from across the globe. Are you next?


Were you born in Samoa? Was your biological mother, father, grandmother or grandfather? Have you previously lived in Samoa for at least 5 years? If you answered yes to one of these 3 questions, than you may be eligible to represent Samoa!

Since 2020, our network of scouts have identified over 200 potential new Samoan youth and full national team players (both men and women). The Samoan Women's national team is currently ranked in the top 100 according to FIFA and the U19 and U17 Youth National Teams (boys) both have soared to new heights reaching the quarterfinals of WC Qualifying for the first time ever. With the new influx of players from outside Samoa, the talent level continues to rise.

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Who is eligible?

Interested in becoming part of the Federation's database?

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